Property Owners Encouraged to Pay Property Tax Bills

Property owners or their representatives on island are urged to pay their property taxes in a timely manner to avoid attracting penalty and interest charges.

This prompting has come from the acting Comptroller of the Inland Revenue Division of the Montserrat Customs and Revenue Service (MCRS) Mr. Roland Irish, who has issued a public notice to remind property owners to settle their accounts.  Currently, a considerable amount of properties are in arrears for a number of years.

However, as it relates to the 2023 Property Tax Demand Notices also known as Property Tax Bills or Invoices, the Comptroller indicated that these were issued on September 28, 2023 with a “Due Date” of November 27, 2023.  All such invoices that were paid before this due date would have benefited from the 5% discount as provided for in law. For those invoices  that were not paid by the due date the 5% discount will no longer be applicable; as such the full amounts on the invoices are due and payable.

The Comptroller further explained that if the 2023 invoices are not paid by January 27, 2024 the amounts due will become “In Arrears” and will attract penalty and interest charges. Property owners or their representatives are therefore encouraged to make payments in a timely manner to avoid attracting penalty and interest.

Property Owners or their Representatives are encouraged to settle their arrears as soon as possible.  If you are uncertain of the status of the tax payable on your property, please forward your enquiries to the Inland Revenue Division of the MCRS. The Division can be reached on telephone numbers 491 2463/3211 or by email at irev@gov.ms as we endeavor to assist you in dealing with this matter.