Cargo Clearing Process at the Montserrat Port Authority

The Montserrat Port Authority operations days are Monday to Friday, at times 8 AM to 4 PM. To clear your cargo, the steps are as follows:

  • First, get in touch with your local agent/broker in regards to your shipment.
  • After you collect your delivery slip, and bill of lading from the agent, be sure to have with you your printed invoices in relation to the shipment so that they can be verified by a Customs Officer.
  • When you arrive at the Montserrat Port Authority, you are required to check in with the Security Officer at the entry gate before you enter the MPA/MCRS Customer Service area.
  • Upon arriving in this area, please present your delivery to the Port Cashier, on your immediate right, for payment of your port charges.
  • After this, you’ll proceed to the warehouse via the single metal door, see signage under the AC unit, to continue on the immediate right and get assistance from a Port Clerk at the Port Operations window. The clerk will take your delivery from you to locate your cargo in order for a Customs Officer to examine at the next available examination station.
  • Once the Customs examination has been completed, the Customs Officer will guide to your next step which can be one of the two scenarios.
    • One, if your Customs entry can be processed on site, the Officer will guide to the Customs Operation window to get this done. Once your Customs entry is completed and payment is due, you will pay at the Customs cashier window. After payment with the Customs cashier, you will return back to the Customs operations window for a cargo release advise (CRA); this release order is to be given to the Port Clerk at their Port operations window.
    • However, if it is scenario two where you have to go to a Customs broker, you will be required to take your delivery, verified invoices and bill of lading to the Customs broker of your choice. Once your broker has notified you that your Customs entry is ready, collect it and return to the Montserrat Port Authority for Customs payment. You will enter the MPA/MCRS Customer Service area and pay the amount owing at the Customs Cashier window. After your payment with the Customs cashier, return to the Customs operations window, for a CRA; this release order is to be given to the Port clerk at their Port operations window.
  • The Port Clerk will ask you how you will be transporting your goods, whether by hand, or by vehicle. If it is via vehicle, they will ask you further details of the vehicle, that is the vehicle registration number, which will be transporting your cargo from the Port compound.
  • A gate pass for your cargo will be issued and your cargo will be loaded by a Port Operator, or Port Clerk, unto the vehicle. This process will be verified by both a Port Clerk and Security Officer at the warehouse exit and then again, your gate pass will be corroborated by another Security Officer at the Port compound gate before departure of cargo is allowed.

You will be guided accordingly on where you are to go by the working personnel on compound. Please note that although the Transit Shed is open from 8am-4pm, Mon-Fri; both the Port and Customs cashiers close off promptly at 3:15pm.